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Student Life

I came to this school because both of my siblings went here. I didn’t know how I was going to feel because I didn’t know anyone, but each day I got to know more people. Since it’s a small school, it feels like a family … Something I like the most is the engaging electives we have in this school … I had child development during the after-school program and it taught me how to work with small children and plan activities. Multimedia class taught me how to make beats, videos, and other stuff I never knew I could do on a computer. These are some of the reasons why I love this school and I wouldn’t want to move anywhere else.” Jessica Arellanes, Class of 2016


We have many unique and exciting opportunities for youth at Alternatives in Action High School. We prepare youth for college, career, and community by creating lots of chances for them to perform in a real world setting, to partner with caring adults, and to participate in activities that benefit others. We hope you will take the time learn more about our school day, after-school, and college & career program offerings. We also invite you to join us at an upcoming event and view the Seminary Neighborhood Community Programs pages. All of this will help give you a flavor of our community.

College Preparation:

We support you in making your dreams a reality. We offer:

  • A-G, Academic, and College advising for all students
  • College and Career Center
  • Concurrent Enrollment with Peralta Community Colleges
  • College Tours
  • SAT and ACT test preparation
  • After-school tutoring

Our graduates often visit to connect with their former coaches and share their experiences. One such graduate, who attends Cal State East Bay, reflected: “Alternatives in Action High School gave me the push that I needed to prepare ahead of time for the SAT’s, apply for college, and seek a scholarship. As a result, I was accepted to all five colleges I applied to and decided to attend Cal State University East Bay where I am getting a $19,000 scholarship and passing all my classes. I feel proud that I am the first of my nuclear family to attend a four-year university.”

Career Preparation:

We offer career preparation in multi-media, child development, and education studies. Classes meet twice weekly after school. We also provide youth with exciting, real world internship opportunities and career classes. Internships expose youth to potential future careers and help them to develop marketable skills.

Every youth at Alternatives in Action High School is a member of a “Leadership Team.” In Leadership Teams youth receive academic counseling and personal support, work on Pathway to Success Plans and Presentations of Learning, develop leadership skills, and build a community with an adult coach (our term for teachers) and students in every grade. Leadership Teams meet twice a week.

Impact Projects:

Community Impact Projects are engaging social action projects that our students design, plan, and implement. Youth have opportunities to complete projects that benefit the community and help prepare them to become community leaders. Through the process of co-creating and implementing these projects, youth further develop core academic skills, habits of mind, and sense of self-efficacy. Projects are real and dramatic, have a meaningful impact on the community, and are designed to enhance and apply academic content. To successfully complete a Community Impact Project, youth must develop and defend a project proposal, identify measures of success, and then self-evaluate and report on their success. To date, Alternatives in Action High School students have completed over 30 exciting and meaningful Community Impact Projects, including:

  • The Alameda Point Community Garden
  • Project YouthView
  • Relocation and Renovation of the Woodstock Campus
  • College and Internship Fairs


of Learning (POLs):

Presentations of Learning provide opportunities for students to set annual goals for themselves, create a portfolio of their best work, and develop public speaking skills through year-end presentations to panels of community members. Presentations of Learning have three primary components:

  • Pathways to Success are youth created documents that identify a young person’s starting point, goals, and plan of action for the year.
  • Portfolios are purposeful collection of student work that exhibits the student’s efforts, progress, and achievement across the curriculum. Portfolios provide an opportunity for youth to collect and exhibit the evidence that they have achieved the required outcomes for their courses and that they have achieved the goals of their Pathways to Success.
  • Presentations of Learning require youth to present their evidence that they have met their academic and personal goals to a panel of community members. This allows youth to showcase their best work. Also, the prospect of panelists from all different fields evaluating their work creates a real world standard that provides urgency and relevance for youth as they work towards their goals over the course of the year.


Learning Lab:

We provide an after school learning lab that through which students can access core academic support in the form of one-on-one and small group instruction and tutoring. In the Learning Lab students can also get support with SAT and CAHSEE preparation, and the college and financial aid application process. Learning Lab is held from 3:30 – 5:30 pm, four days per week. The purpose of Learning Lab is to motivate students to succeed and to provide them with the necessary supports to do so.

Community Building:

At the beginning of each school year, our high school students and faculty go to an overnight retreat. Youth get to know one another, learn more about our school, build a strong school community, and have fun! We play sports, swim, eat meals together, share a campfire, and learn together. By the time the retreat is over, youth have a clear picture of our school’s focus, expectations, and culture and feel connected to our community. We continue our fun and meaningful community traditions throughout the year. Every week, our school holds community wide meetings, which promote school pride and awareness of larger community issues and showcase youth and performances.

Youth benefit from a rich array of after-school programs. Learn more about the many exciting after-school programs offered to Alternatives in Action High School students through our Seminary Neighborhood Community Programs.