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Seminary Community Programs

Seminary Community Programs:

The Seminary Community Programs offer extended day programs to all students enrolled in Alternatives in Action High School.

Alternatives in Action High School (formerly Bay Area School of Enterprise) is a public charter high school that serves youth with leadership potential and prepares them for college, career, and community. The school meets the need young people have for more relevant educational experiences that develop them socially and emotionally as well as cognitively and connect them with their communities so that they become engaged citizens. You can learn more about Alternatives in Action High School here.

Overview of Programs:

The Seminary Community Programs is comprised of an array of diverse programming during the school year, including courses in child development, video production & sound engineering, civic engagement, law & justice studies, and academic & college prep support.

The Seminary Community Programs also hosts Alternatives in Action High School’s Summer Bridge Program and an E-Team Boot Camp for youth who intend to become youth coaches in the fall. Highly interactive workshops provide youth with opportunities to build meaningful relationships as they practice new skills.

View the Seminary Community Programs calendar for the 2017-2018 school year here: 2017-2018 Community Programs Schedule and Details

Find Out More

Alternatives in Action is currently in the process of establishing partnerships at our new location. For more information about the Seminary Community Programs, or to find out about becoming a partner in our work, contact Jason Peters, Community Programs Coordinator, at jpeters@alternativesinaction.org.