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Fremont High School

Community Programs at Fremont High School:

Fremont High School, located in East Oakland, was sub-divided into five autonomous “small schools” in 2003. However, in 2012, the three remaining schools recombined, and now they take the form of three academies that students choose for their sophomore through senior years. The academies focus on specific career pathways and include the Media Academy, the Mandela Law Academy, and Architecture Academy. Of Fremont’s 715 youth, approximately 61% are Latino, 23% are African American, 7% are Asian/API, and 2% are white. Fremont High School has a free and reduced lunch rate of 86%. Located in the highest level of neighborhood “stress,” Fremont’s students face considerable needs. This sites strengths include a rich diversity of school cultural groups, including Poly Club and Raza Student Union, which annually produce several all school cultural events, and a strong New Comer Leadership program which trains students to serve as mentors for recent arrivals to the United States and Oakland, CA.

Alternatives in Action programs at Fremont High School are primarily centered in The Den, a youth center located in the heart of the campus, and in a series of adjoining rooms which house a Computer Lab for accessing academic support and college advising services, classrooms for after-school project groups and staff offices. The youth center serves as a learning space and also offers recreational activities, information boards, and room for completing homework.

Overview of Programs:

Fremont High School offers an array of diverse programming currently available to 9th and 10th grade students during the school year, including project groups in civic engagement; academic support and intervention; college preparation; multi-media, fine and performance arts; peer support groups; cascading youth leadership training; an internship program; and parent education events. Students are also eligible to participate in Alternatives in Action’s summer programming.

View the Fremont High School Community Programs calendar for the 2017-2018 school year here: 2017-2018 Community Programs Schedule

Find Out More

For more information about Community Programs at Fremont High School, or to find out about becoming a partner in our work, contact Destiny Webster, Community Programs Manager at Fremont High School, at dwebster@alternativesinaction.org.