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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alternatives in Action High School a charter school? Is it a public school?

Yes, Alternatives in Action is a FREE, public charter school with a recently renewed Charter. Our Charter is through the Alameda Unified School District, but we are located in Oakland at 6221 East 17th, Oakland, CA 94621.


Will I receive a diploma when I graduate?

Yes, you will receive an official, state recognized high school diploma.


Are you a continuation school?

No, we are not a continuation school. However, we work with youth who have not otherwise been successful in traditional school settings.


What is the grading system?

We award A, B, and C letter grades, as appropriate, for satisfactory progress towards course outcomes. Alternatives in Action High School does not give D’s or F’s. Students who do not make sufficient progress towards course outcomes, whether due to a need for extra time, non-completion of required course elements, or difficulty mastering the material, receive a No Credit. A No Credit mark signifies that the course is still in progress. No Credit designations may be revised as a result of the student meeting the course outcomes. So long as a young person is enrolled in Alternatives in Action High School, no grades at Alternatives in Action High School are permanent. Youth may petition to improve historical grades for courses taken at Alternatives in Action High School through further demonstration of meeting the outcomes of the course to a higher level than previously attained.


Do students wear a uniform at Alternatives in Action High School?

No, we do have a dress code policy around appropriate attire as regards gang, alcohol, drug, and racial messages and associations.


What is Alternatives in Action High School’s Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy?

Alternatives in Action High School does not tolerate bullying, including cyber-bulling, of any kind.


How are classes similar and/or different to traditional public schools?

We believe all students deserve to receive quality instruction and meaningful learning in each class. Alternatives in Action High School invests in their classroom teachers to be effective teachers and also to be youth developers. We consider our teachers “coaches” because we see their role as supporting the development of youth by helping them to meet their academic and personal goals.

At Alternatives in Action High School, we strive to keep our classroom size small to ensure that students are able to build personal and meaningful relationships with each other, and to learn in a supportive environment. Students participate in various activities such as building classroom agreements, restorative practices, project based learning, and Community Impact Projects.