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Contact Us

Administrative Offices

Address  2640 International Boulevard
Oakland, CA  94601

Tel:   510.285.6290
Fax   510.285.6294

Early Childhood Education Center

Address  6212 East 17th Street
Oakland, CA  94621

Tel:   510.748.4314, x409 (Cierra Price)


Community Programs at Life Academy of Health & Bioscience

Address  2101 35th Avenue
Oakland, CA  94601
Tel:   510.535.7138

Alternatives in Action High School Seminary Community Programs

Address  6221 East 17th Street
Oakland, CA  94621

Tel:   510.748.4314
Fax   510.748.4326

Community Programs at Fremont High School

Address  4610 Foothill Blvd
Oakland, CA  94601

Tel:   510.434.2020, x133 (The Den)


Community Programs at McClymonds Youth & Family Center

Address  2607 Myrtle Street
Oakland, CA  94607

Tel:   510.874.3787

Leadership Staff

Patricia Murillo

Executive Director
Email  pmurillo@alternativesinaction.org
Tel   510.285.6290, x305




Oriana Obligacion

Director of Operations & Finance
Email  oobligacion@alternativesinaction.org
Tel   510.285.6290, x306


Ali Medina

Senior Director of Community Programs
Email  amedina@alternativesinaction.org
Tel   510.285.6290, x304


Alternatives in Action High School Staff


Phung Lai

Co-Director, Alternatives in Action High School
Email  plai@alternativesinaction.org
Tel   510.748.4314, x304



Logan Manning

Co-Director, Alternatives in Action High School
Email  lmanning@alternativesinaction.org
Tel   510.748.4317, x305


Community Programs Staff


Cierra Price

Early Childhood Education Program Director
Email  cprice@alternativesinaction.org
Tel  510.748.4314, x409


Sabaa Shoraka

Senior Community Programs Manager at Life Academy High School
Email  sshoraka@alternativesinaction.org
Tel   510.535.7138


Demisha Burns

Senior Manager of West Oakland Community Initiatives
Email  dburns@alternativesinaction.org
Tel   510.874.3787



Jason Peters

Community Programs Coordinator, Seminary Community Programs
Email  jpeters@alternativesinaction.org
Tel   510.748.4314, x410



Carlos Castro

Community Programs Manager at Fremont High School
Email  ccastro@alternativesinaction.org
Tel   510.434.2020, x133 (The Den)


Adriana Guerrero

Community Programs Manager at Life Academy of Health & Bioscience Middle School
Email  aguerrero@alternativesinaction.org
Tel   510.535.7138


Kharyshi Wiginton

Senior Community Programs Manager at McClymonds Youth & Family Center
Email  kwiginton@alternativesinaction.org
Tel   510.874.3787


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