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Administrative Offices

Address  2640 International Boulevard
Oakland, CA  94601

Tel:   510.285.6290
Fax   510.285.6294

Early Childhood Education Center

Address  6212 East 17th Street
Oakland, CA  94621

Tel:   510.748.4314, x409 (Cierra Price)


Community Programs at Life Academy of Health & Bioscience

Address  2101 35th Avenue
Oakland, CA  94601
Tel:   510.535.7138

Alternatives in Action High School Seminary Community Programs

Address  6221 East 17th Street
Oakland, CA  94621

Tel:   510.748.4314
Fax   510.748.4326

Community Programs at Fremont High School

Address  4610 Foothill Blvd
Oakland, CA  94601

Tel:   510.434.2020, x133 (The Den)


Community Programs at McClymonds Youth & Family Center

Address  2607 Myrtle Street
Oakland, CA  94607

Tel:   510.874.3787

Leadership Staff

Patricia Murillo

Executive Director
Tel   510.285.6290, x305




Oriana Obligacion

Director of Operations & Finance
Tel   510.285.6290, x306


Ali Medina

Senior Director of Community Programs
Tel   510.285.6290, x304


Alternatives in Action High School Staff


Phung Lai

Co-Director, Alternatives in Action High School
Tel   510.748.4314, x304



Logan Manning

Co-Director, Alternatives in Action High School
Tel   510.748.4317, x305


Community Programs Staff


Cierra Price

Early Childhood Education Program Director
Tel  510.748.4314, x409


Sabaa Shoraka

Senior Community Programs Manager at Life Academy High School
Tel   510.535.7138


Demisha Burns

Senior Manager of West Oakland Community Initiatives
Tel   510.874.3787



Jason Peters

Community Programs Coordinator, Seminary Community Programs
Tel   510.748.4314, x410



Carlos Castro

Community Programs Manager at Fremont High School
Tel   510.434.2020, x133 (The Den)


Adriana Guerrero

Community Programs Manager at Life Academy of Health & Bioscience Middle School
Tel   510.535.7138


Kharyshi Wiginton

Senior Community Programs Manager at McClymonds Youth & Family Center
Tel   510.874.3787


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