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Academic Programs

We see YOUR potential, and can help you see it for yourself! At Alternatives in Action High School we believe that learning best occurs when:

  • Learning is made relevant to young people’s lives through real and meaningful experience
  • Learning is grounded in caring relationships
  • Youth have influence over their school and education, and are held accountable for it
  • Learning emphasizes depth of thinking over breadth of coverage
  • Learning is holistic, encompassing intellectual, emotional, civic, and social development

Our intention is that each of our graduates know what they think, know what they feel, know what they believe, and take meaningful action in the world. Read more about our philosophy: Alternatives in Action High School Educational Philosophy

Developing Well Balanced Learners:

At Alternatives in Action High School, we prepare our students to achieve a broad spectrum of Expected Schoolwide Learning Results. We believe a successful student must develop effective habits of thinking, feeling AND acting. Towards this end, we help cultivate our students’ Habits of the Mind, Habits of the Heart, and Habits of the Hand.

Special Programs:

Because of the unique and diverse needs of our youth, Alternatives in Action High School has developed special programs and/or courses of study consistent with the provisions of our Charter. Examples of specialized programs and/or courses of study currently include, but are not limited to:

  • After-school academic support programs
  • Concurrent Enrollment with Peralta Colleges & University of California College Preparation Program (UCCP)
  • Cyber High (a comprehensive electronic high school curriculum aligned with the California Content Standards and A-G requirements for the University of California system)
  • Apex (online learning)
  • Career Pathways in Multimedia & Digital Arts, Child Development, and Youth Development & Education
The 7 R’s:

The 7 R’s are core principles that Alternatives in Action stands by in building adult and youth partnerships in order to nurture positive changes in our communities. Youth and staff are expected to embody and embrace these principles. The 7 R’s include:

  • Realness – Honesty with yourself and others
  • Risk – Pushing yourself to grow by taking healthy chances
  • Rigor – Holding yourself to high standards in words, actions, and work
  • Respect – Being considerate of and caring for yourself, others, and the space around you
  • Responsibility – Taking ownership of actions and following through on commitments
  • Resilience – Having the strength to overcome challenges
  • Relationships – Connection with self, others, and the community